Ski Instructor

Located right at the base of the ski slope in Rausor Mountain Resort, our chalet offers the exclusive services of Calin Samoila, a highly experienced ski instructor, specialized in working with children, but not only! We are inviting you all, big or small, to come to the slopes!

Doorstep skiing

It is a rare and much appreciated thing – coming out of the chalet directly on the slope! We have a lovely little gate that puts you right on the slope!

Guided mountain routes

For those of you who can’t sit still, the Retezat Mountains offer a wealth of wonders. We are all starting to appreciate plants and natural fruit picked from their natural environment. So join us on route to discover berries of all kinds, mushrooms and medicine plants! Just say what you would like and our guides will prepare a suitable program for you.

Landscaping and photography

For those of you passionate about landscapes and photography, wild life and macro – you just landed in paradise!



You don’t need to go very far to find one of the friendliest and cute animals in Retezat: the marmot. If you hear their whistle, get your camera ready. You can capture portraits and, if you are not too noisy, you can enjoy a long photo session!


Black Goats

You may decide to get up early and make it to the shores of Lake Stevia by noon. If so, pay very much attention: if rocks are falling off cliffs, it means you probably have a family of black goats running just above. Get you camera ready, because their black fur is best seen if you manage to capture them against a patch of snow.


Glacial lakes - landscape

For those of you who are passionate about landscape photography, mornings in Retezat are wonderful moments. You can go by car to the end of the forest road and then head for the Bucura lake, on a very accessible route. When Mountain peonies are in bloom you should not miss their deep purple, reflected in the gorgeous lake. You can even go tenting in Bucura, so you can catch the sunrise and the rare moments of the morning when steam goes up from the lake and the atmosphere is full of mystery and wonder.

There is a short climb from Bucura tu Judele Peak; you can make a stop at Taul Agatat. It is a special lake, because its bottom is always frozen and this causes impressive chromatics of blue: from deep dark blue to light blue, you can take some amazing pictures. It’s a great place to capture all the glacial lakes in the region.


The small world in the grass

Don’t forget that there is a small treasure in the forests of Retezat: the minuscule world of grass and insects. With a macro objective you can capture details of moss and mushrooms, insects that are barely visible with the naked eye and an occasional sunshine going through the fir trees. It’s amazing!